Thrift shop Love.

I’m gonna (did) pop some tags… I have (had) twenty dollars in my pocket…I-I-I was huntin’, looking for a come up (found some), this is f#>king awesome.

Seriously, this song, and Pinterest, revolutionized the thrifting world – almost to the point I am convinced they are “jacking” up the prices at these local treasure shops. Oh, well, it makes for a really good song, and constant entertainment as it plays in my head the whole time I perusing the isles trying to steal granddaddy’s style. More like grand-momma’s style, but you catch my drift.

I am hugely into the shabby chic décor these days, something I used to purge as fast as I could in my childhood bedroom. My dad’s voice is ringing in my ear as he said repeatedly growing up, “that everything comes back in style.” I really had a hard time believing that bell bottom pants where going to once again grace the clothing racks of Wet Seal, when I was pegging my pants to get the bottom of my jeans as tight as they could go around my ankle. Now, thank the Lord that skinny jeans are in style. If they are ever not, I will single-handedly bring them back. I am just sayin’.

On Mother’s day, I went to the antique flea-market in Sacramento. I was amazed with how many vendors there were, and astonished at the high prices. I went there thinking I could find old wooden chairs, for like $10 bucks, and frames for a couple bucks (two things on my thrifting list). Not so much. Don’t get me wrong, there are still some great deals, but NOT thrift shop deals. I guess they need to make a profit. I get it…I just don’t like it.

Here are some of the amazing things I found, that I DID NOT buy…but would have liked to


Truly, I think had I not been on a budget, and didn’t drive a Corolla, I may have just taken these jems home. I do plan on making some of these on my own with treasures I find at local thrift stores.

I did manage to snag these amazing items at an awesome deal…


this one was a splurge at $40, but it is pretty awesome. It will have a new home in my kitchen, when I get around to re-doing my nook

joining the uber cool calendar thingy in my kitchen, will be this beauty

Sure, it is a little rough now, but I plan on turning it into a chalk board window…just you wait!

I also scored this frame (which I had the card already waiting for the perfect mate)
SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES $3 dollars…what, what…what.

I also got this apothecary jar for $3 dollars too. Another steal!


and lastly, a booze decanter (another new collection obsession) for hubby that I picked up for $5


The one on the right is the one I got at the antique flea, the other rounded one, I got at a garage sale for $3

Driving home that day, I saw this billboard, and got REALLY excited.

IMAG1631 (2)

So , this weekend, I went to the new Goodwill here in town. Apparently, they do not consider themselves “thrift”, but in my world, I do.

I found these gems…


I love the vintage charm of this, and it will be fabulous in the boy’s room. My intent is for little cars and trinkets, but right now, he just dumps it over and tries to open all the drawers. It doesn’t have wheels, and he can’t really push it around (they only things that interest him), so I think I will use it in the office for now, until he decides it is suitable.

I also got this owl…

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESain’t it a hoot? Really, I just love it and for $2.99 I had to have it. I won’t lie, I thought it was a little pricey, but worth it.
I am not sure where it will reside. Hubby wants it outside, Elle wants it in her room, and I like it in the living room. I was thinking of spray painting it too, but Now I kind of like the gold. Thoughts?

I also got a paper-cutter (true Martha style) for $2.99 and a brand new Converse dress for $5.99…not bad for a Sunday outing…

Or for twenty dollars!

Thrifting is simply awesome.

You should try it sometime. Really.

Do ~ Do

Well, another 31-day challenge under my belt, and I feel indifferent. Honestly, I wish I did more. I still have so many things I want to “do” to improve my mental health, my home, my family, my financial status, etc. There are so many projects that I still need to complete like those deer antlers I was telling you about, doodles room re-org, complete the 1.5 year master bath remodel (although, hubby and I managed to paint it a week ago)

I am the cut-in-girl. I did every room in this house
I am the cut-in-girl. I did every room in this house

and now I have a new idea to stencil my kitchen nook in a geo print. I can’t wait for this one! I love instant transformations…I guess that is why I love paint!

I also still need to get my $h!t together when it comes to paperwork (taxes, filing, etc.). Clearly, I couldn’t blog about this…it was bad enough that I blogged about napping.

However, my number 1 need to be “do-ing”, is marketing. Marketing my husband’s amazing talent. If you don’t believe me (about his talent), see for yourself. Carmen Policy (Go Niners!) thought so, when he hired him to design and build his personal wine cellar…

picture from
            Standing inside the cellar (picture from

He built an amazingly beautiful, and functional room adorned with custom wine tables (shown in the picture). Hubby (Brandon) has made many wine cellars and countless custom woodworkings….all of equal excellence. His latest pieces of work have included this wine cellar

our entry way piece

distrssed finish
distressed finish

and custom cabinetry

a section of his latest cabinetry
a section of his latest cabinetry

All shameful plugs aside, he is a man of many talents, and I am glad he is mine (insert cheesy wink here).


To follow-up on some of the things I did manage to “do” during this journey…
~ I can tell you I haven’t breathed much. Well, you know, the methodical way, anyways. However, when I do, it makes a world of a difference.
~I am still learning to balance it all
~I have discovered ways of play that I enjoy doing with the kids (music, board games, outside adventures)
~ I do love the boy’s room value add’s, but I still have the deer antler project to complete (well start)
~ My pantry is still beautiful, and I have purchased a few more bins to complete the project
~ I have learned to love wine and drinking again, and have made spending time with my friends, a monthly priority
~I continue to find better ways to organize, daily and I am sure will share more ideas with all of you
~I also put a magnetic board in doodle’s which is very c’est magnet-fique…this time I used fabric she picked out from Ikea

already being put to good use!
already being put to good use!

the best part is there was enough fabric left over to re-fabric her kitchen chair that has been obliterated by her messy eating habits. See for yourself…

super cute upgrade!
super cute upgrade!

I think there is even enough fabric left over for a pillow for her room (of course one of my sew friends will have to complete this one).

Anywho, I clearly accomplished a lot in the month of January, and learned a great deal about what is truly important.

Now, that  I will have a little more time on my hand, I think I might actually read! Who knew I would love it so much!

Expect a Fifty Shades book review soon…and hopefully, some new adventures in marketing!

Thanks for following me on my journey! Muah!

Magazine Mom