Day 7: behind the black door ~ homemade popsicles

The other day I was telling someone about the homemade popsicles I make, and she said, “you should blog about that!” So, here I am.

It started with the boy, and him not being able to eat any store-bought popsicles. I figured why not just freeze his baby food puree. Duh?

Everyday I let him have one, because why the heck not. It is just pureed fruit and vegetables. Some I do just pear, and some I do mango, pear and spinach.

My daughter would get a store-bought one instead for the longest time, until it dawned on me… I could make her own too.


So, I went back to IKEA to buy a pink version of the blue popsicle makers I already had (cross contamination is a problem in this house). Now, the girl and the boy have their own. Perfect.
$T2eC16VHJI!E9qSO8wtlBQGEYUw7zQ~~60_1Oh, and at $1.99, they are a steal!

So, I experimented with a few different varieties and came up with this…

I seriously just buy frozen berries, use an immersion blender to grind it up, add whatever yogurt I have in the fridge, mix it together, and voila!


IMAG2403 (2)

Sometimes I even just mush up an almost rotten banana, and put it into the mold. It freezes perfectly, and she thinks it is just as good. The possibilities are endless, people.

In fact, she would rather eat one of my popsicles than store bought ones now.

IMAG2405 (2)

And, I have ZERO guilt letting her! It is simply fruit and yogurt that I would have offered her for snack anyway.

Genius. I know.

You’re welcome.

the never pretentious, Magazine Mom

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