Day 19: behind the black door ~ beers and cheers

Happy 100th blog post to me! It seems crazy to think that a little thought I had, based on a nickname my neighbor gave me, would turn  out to be a fun and rewarding blog. Granted, I am no big-name blogger, (yet) , but hopefully one day you will see me in a newspaper or magazine with my own column, or on a book shelf near you.  One can dream. I have been asked to be a guest-blogger on other successful websites, and recently, my post was put on The International Association for Food Protein Enterocolitis (IAFFPE) website, which made for my most viewed post, ever. It feels  good. Toot, toot.

Enough gloating…{for now}.

Other than my centurion milestone, hubby and I got to share in one too. We got to have an afternoon date! Praise the lord. Really. We have only had three dates (2 of which, were weddings) this entire year. Pathetic. We apparently suck at making them happen.

So, what did we do?  Got mani-pedi’s, together. Dreamy.  Although, it was kind of like the old couple eating dinner, where one is reading the newspaper, and the other, a book, and never exchange a word to one another. Instead, we both had gossip magazines. I was reading People, and hubby, The New Yorker. The only thing separating us from the ‘old people,’ is that we didn’t ask for the air conditioning to be turned down, or complain about the dim lighting.
After we got our pamper on, we went to a ‘beer bar’ to catch up. I am not really a big beer drinker these days, having gone {mostly} gluten-free, but it turned out they had one (a pilsner) that was, “low on gluten,” less than 11 ppm, whatever the heck that means? Anywho, whatever it was, was delicious. Hubby said it tasted like mineral water, but I said, of course it does, next to that dark-ass beer you are drinking.” His response, “I like beers that I have to chew.” Funny since our entire beer fridge is stocked with PBR. His taste buds don’t quite match his pocketbook, apparently.

I even got buzzed. Not bad for an afternoon.  I will take a date day, any day.

A big thanks to all of you for reading Magazine Mom, and to all my followers for clicking the button and reading along. Without all of you, I would just be a bitter housewife, and mother on the verge of insanity.

Cheers, one hundred times over!

Magazine Mom


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