Day 17: behind the black door~ Oh Lolli Lolli Lolli…

Lollipop! Pop. Today I had an epiphany (gosh I have a hard time pronouncing that word). Say what you will about ‘the boy’s’ long hair (ahem, sister), I happen to think it is adorable and makes him who he is. However, the hair in the face thing is kind of starting to drive me bonkers. I know it does to several others as well. My favorite, is we will be at a park, even Target, and someone will move it out of his face for him. People I don’t even know. I am totally fine with it, btw…but it does reiterate the fact that something has to be done about those bangs!

I am a little nervous to get it cut. Okay, extremely nervous. I don’t want it to change the look of his face, make him look even more like a girl (which I get at least once a day), or cut off his adorable little curls. Last time I took him to my stylist for an ‘ear-muff removal trim’ it was pretty traumatic. Not only did he cry and turn his head the whole time (in fact she even ended up cutting it outside for sound control) I didn’t like the new look (not because it was a bad cut). I thought it cut-off his cute. So silly, I know, but I am a nut-job remember?

Then, it got me thinking. What does make for a successful child’s haircut?

A lollipop!

The only problem… the boy doesn’t have a safe one he can eat. However, I remembered I had written down a Maple Syrup Sucker recipe a few months ago, with the intention of making them for him…
seems easy enough, right? Wrong.

While writing the first part of this post, and ‘picmonkey-ing’ my photos, I burned the syrup…bad. What the heck is a “light boil” anyway? It seems like an oxymoron to me. Apparently, the temperature was too high, because I ruined my pan, my house reeks of burnt trees (my daughter says, burnt marshmallows), and the lollipops turned out less than stellar. I shouldn’t have even bothered making them, but I was curious how they would turn out (how fast they cool, the shape, etc). If you like, black burnt maple syrup lollipops then you will love these. The shape is good, and they peeled right off the parchment paper as planned. They are just not edible.
Not even close. Because I used all the syrup I had, and I couldn’t go to the store to buy more because he was napping, I had to go with plan B for today’s appointment. A homemade popsicle . I am sure, by the next haircut, I will have these down pat (ahem).

The appointment went better than expected, except that he had to sit on my lap so I could keep him seated. He wasn’t feelin’ it. My kids and my stylist, LIz Robson, at Salon Blonde, did a great job, and trust me, she had to work hard.

Sorry for the blurry photos, he was moving all over the place. Ps. I do not recommend popsicles while getting your haircut. I think he ended up eating most of, what should have, hit the floor and swept up later. But, it kept him from crying. Mission accomplished.

I realize these are not the best before and after shots, but you can tell that his bangs are shorter, he no longer has ear muffs, and his length and curls are still intact. Yes! I promise you, it is way cuter than this picture depicts.

I consider this one, a check in the win column. If only I could say the same for the lollipops.

Better luck next time.

Magazine Mom

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