Simple touches shower

A sweet and simple baby shower…there is nothing else like it. I had the pleasure of organizing a co-baby shower for two mothers in my daughter’s preschool class today. It was a beautiful day, and a sweet and simple affair. The best part, it got me out of my traditional shower mode train of thought, and opened my mind to some new ideas…firsts.

First, I sent paperless posts invites, instead of the oh too familiar Evites (I still use them too). Paperless Post offers a more elegant “real paper invite” feel, with the ease of Evite. The only negative is you’re your guests do not get to see other guests replies. For all you (you know who you are) that hold out until a certain someone says, “yes they are attending” so you know you will have someone to talk to at the party. Well, sorry my friend…you’ll just have to click yes, and hope you can find SOMEONE that will talk to you. If you’re lucky, it might be me.


Cute, right?

I also decided to try something new with my ginormous pile of previously enjoyed baby jars. I came up with wrapping the jar with burlap (the exact same size as the label), and hot gluing it, and decorating it with different neutral color ribbons. Genius. Oh, and to stick with the natural look, I filled them with simple wild flowers from the garden. Even more genius.


They turned out even better than I thought. Martha would be sooo proud.


They were really fun to make, and they added just the right touch to the table.

If you haven’t already noticed the adorable bookmark in the bottom right corner of that picture, let me show you.


I made these bookmarks for all the guests as the favor. Not only are they adorable, but they are useful too. It is kind-of a rule of mine when it comes to favors…”if you can’t eat it, or use it, forget it.”
Now, I cannot take credit for these masterpieces, fully, because I did see them on Pinterest (as shown here) and I had to farm out the sewing on the flags (I can’t even thread a needle), but nonetheless, they are adorable and I plan on doing for future baby showers!

They were really pretty simple, minus a few “operational errors”.

I simply bought 100 lb cardstock at Michaels, and created text boxes in a word doc and created my wording.

I ended up getting 3 per page (you could get more if you did some sideways, but that was way too difficult. The operational errors began with the cutting. I seriously have issues. I missed that day in Kindergarten for SURE.

It was nothing a trip to Kinko’s could not solve.

Next, I simply cut the flags from various cardstock I already had.


Then, I simply glued three on each one and hole punched the top.

If you can sew, then this is when you would do so across the top of the flags.

Lastly, I tied some jewelry twine rope through the hole to finish it off.

Truly, I LOVE them.


The guest loved them too, and appreciated the simple touch.

After some coffee and mimosa’s (well, for some) and a fabulous meal, the momma’s opened up their gifts. Not to overshadow one another (he he), they took turns like Christmas morning.

Among my favorites were the handmade gifts from fellow crafty momma’s…

Like these banners made by none other than THE beloved Teacher Tina


and this adorable soft block made by Jen H (Tie Dye Diva Patterns)


and the adorable bandana bibs by Molly (Vintage Princess by M.E.) for Lauren

Lauren modeling it
Lauren modeling it

Another charming touch, was getting the “big sister to-be’s” special gifts of their own…


Thanks to everyone, who made this day so special…

Congrats ladies! I can’t wait to meet these baby girls 🙂

Teacher Tina pointing out the obvious!

10 thoughts on “Simple touches shower

  1. Wish I could have been there…looks like a good time! And so crafty and cute with the decorations and favors!

  2. How adorable! I love the bookmarks. Ethan brought me home one from preschool today. I wish I could’ve gone to the shower but I had to hold Kamila’s baby naming ceremony at the same time. It looks like you all had a great time. I’m so happy for Lauren and Molly. They deserved it!

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