Don’t Whine, Organize

Don’t whine, organize” is a bumper sticker, a strong union supporting neighbor of mine, has on his car. Being the political illiterate that I am, I assumed it was an advertisement for “The Container Store“, which honestly, I like better. Given the importance of today’s political-ness (well, yesterdays probably, by the time you read this), I figured it was title worthy.  Really though, I still see it as a “de-clutter mantra”, which is precisely what I need.

I don’t know about you, but when my house is cluttered, or my life, for that matter, my mind is cluttered. Given the muddled state it is already in from having two-highly demanding children, I need all the clutter clearance I can! “They are coming to take me away, ha, ha, he he…”did I mention ‘the boy’ follows me around everywhere I go, literally attaching himself to my leg whining and crying almost every minute he is awake? Lord love a duck! To say it has been rough lately, would be an understatement (not one of my specialties, btw).

There are many things in my ‘un-organized life’ that I am not proud of. The state of my car (I think there is mold growing in it from all the spilled formula and snack debris that permanently resides in the upholstery), my complete an utter lack of financial responsibility, my uncontrollable urge to procrastinate, and my email inbox containing over 4,500 emails… to name a few. Yes, that is four thousand, five hundred, plus emails! Wowza! So, when I saw an icon on the right-hand side of my Yahoo! inbox today that read, “Automatic Organizer”, I couldn’t click fast enough. Lo-and-behold, “Organizer by Other In Box (OIB)” appears! My fairy-godmother! After a few “allow” clicks, with the wave of their magic wand, hours later I had the most glorious inbox my email, and eyes have seen, in over 4 years! Really. This OIB fairy, created folders for me and placed the pertaining emails it deemed fitting in them. I was left with a measly 1, 005 of unread emails to go through, and the remaining thousands, were lumped into the file folders making them easily detectable and deletable. I mean, where the hell have you been all my life? I am sure you overachievers out there think this is sooo last year or something, much like my ever-so-missed qwerty keyboard. However, this amazing tool was new to me, and sharable for you.

The folders OIB created are as follows:
Help- OIB news
Business- not really sure what goes in there…I think order confirmations of purchases?
Finance -banks or “financial institutions” (can’t help but think that’s what Fancy Nancy (my idol) would say)
Groups– any groups you belong to (davisareababies, for example)
Home- babycenter updates (moms you know what I am talking about)
Jobs– at one point I was looking and signed up for updates in the market in my field
Shopping– what I am inundated most with…thank you retailers for the daily reminders that I am broke and can’t buy your amazing new products!
Social Media– hello Facebook, WordPress, Pinterest, and Evite! What would I do without all of you…mwah!

You can also adjust anything as need be and create new folders too. Again, y’all might think I am totally lame for thinking this is amazeballs, but I couldn’t help myself…it’s the “informer” in me!

Just want to say, I now only have 1 unread email in my inbox! Yep.. going to read it, then delete it, as soon as I send off this post into the blogosphere. It is so liberating! Who is whining now? Not ‘the boy’, he is asleep. Not me, well at this moment anyway. Till next time…

Magazine Mom

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