Do ~ Pantry Pretty

It is no secret that I like to be organized, however, I am a bit like Monica on friends, who appears to have the neatest home, until you open her [secret] closet. To resolve the issue in my home, I have pretty much removed every closet door, so I can’t just shove things in it – but my pantry, still has a door. It even says, “Pantry”…just in case you didn’t know what it was.

I have been wanting to REALLY organize it for quite sometime. You know, where it is perfect, everything is labeled, no junk food is showing, etc, etc? I recently saw this amazing CHEAP pantry re-do on Pinterest. She got her stuff from a dollar store in Canada, which of course, our Dollar stores do not have. So, I have been hitting up the thrift stores and garage sales to find jars and bins to make my pantry, pretty, and cheap.

I would like to note, that this is a work-in-progress post, and when it is ALL beautified, I will post an update. My pantry inspiration used printed labels, however, I didn’t like the idea of being pinned down to a permanent (if you will) label.

Then, I was reading my favorite magazine these days, Parents, and I saw that they have chalkboard labels in existence. Maybe this is old news to many of you, but I think it is GENIUS! Brilliant, even. They advertise a set of 24 that includes 3 sizes for $22 from Now, you have to be ‘Oprah rich’ in my book to spend that kind-of money, so I was determined to find a more budget friendly (keep the husband happy) option. Well, I succeeded! Michaels carries a similar set for less than half of the cost, and if you use a coupon (which they even take all competitor ones too like Hobby Lobby or JoAnne’s), they are even a better deal. I accidentally threw away my receipt, or I would tell you exactly what I paid for them, but I think it was $6.
I also, got three of these bins on clearance for $3.99 each, and the Brides Chalk Marker ($4, after coupon) at Michaels too.

So, I got to work.

I started labeling some of the jars I already had that I got at garage sales

garage sale ($4 for them all)
garage sale ($4 for them all)

jars2 jars3

Not bad, right? I realize that they do not ALL match, but at least there is a match to each mismatch.

I still have many more jars and bins I would like to finish the re-org, but I am pleases with the direction I am headed…


and the not so pretty…

still needs work
still needs work

Improving by Do-ing, pantry pretty!

Thank the Lord, for this blog challenge, or I would have never actually got my a$$ in gear!

I need to hit up some more thrift stores, asap to get more jars! Maybe Ikea, for some bins???

Maybe you will be inspired too!


To read more about my journey, click here.

6 thoughts on “Do ~ Pantry Pretty

  1. Hi Ashley, I’ve been having fun reading along. I LOVE these label ideas. Love your organization and craftiness!

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