31 days “behind the black door”

Hello, again! To all my friends, I am glad you came to play, the fun and learning never ends…

dang you Barney!

I can’t believe that it is October already, and that I have agreed to do The Nesters 31 day blog challenge.
If you are new to me, the self-proclaimed Magazine Mom, I reluctantly joined this challenge last year and ended up loving it, and found out a lot about myself, and my audience. I may have scared a few people away with some graphic content about the female reproductive anatomy, in my 31 days: Confessions of a Magazine Mom (the things I wish someone told me about pregnancy and motherhood), magazines on table

and who knows, I might scare some more away with my “no filter”, “say it like it is” {written} tongue… but, I don’t care. I am a realist, remember?  Self-proclaimed, of course.

This year, when deciding on a topic, I was a little stumped. I won’ t lie. But then, what better way to let someone into your world, then opening up your door to them.  Specifically, a black door, like the one that adorns my house.
31 days2
I can tell you that behind this door, there are laughs, screams, un-finished projects, an occasional good meal, bitterness, love, a fly, or two, or three (gosh they are bad this year), craftiness, and booze. How else can we make it through it all. It’s 5 o’clock somewhere, right?

This door also houses the good, the bad, and the ugly of motherhood and parenting. All of which I experience, daily.

I hope you will join me again this year, for another humorous adventure, behind the black door, I call my life!

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Get ready, I know I am not.
Magazine Mom

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