Day 21: behind the black door ~ fairies

I have been wanting to make a fairy garden for my daughter for quite some time, but never really knew what to do, or how on earth to get it started. I needed an inspiration. Finally, I had one. My daughters preschool recently made this one
IMAG2321It is really super sweet, and the whole ‘planter box’ has become an “art garden” where children can leave their art work, of all kinds.

Awhile ago, we had a garage sale, and my mother-in-law, was getting rid of some of her sisters things, and she gave us this planter/bird bath thingy, to sell.


Of course, I fell in love. I kept it, knowing, I could use it for something, someday. Well, this weekend, was that someday.

It will make for the perfect fairy garden!

First things first, we needed a fairy. I went to Michaels, and used a 40% off coupon and got “Violet, the garden fairy.”

Next, we used child-labor to spruce up the fairies new home…

IMAG2561Who knew that there was beautiful copper underneath the years of wear? Hubby, did. It didn’t come out immaculate, but I like the old feel of it.

Now, it was ready for plants. My daughter and I, went to ‘Ace (Hardware) is the place’ and picked out some great succulents. She really wanted a cactus (like the one at her school), but she was not very fond of the ‘pricklies’, especially after her last ER visit. We did find this amazing little white cactus, that looks like a pouf. You know one of those home décor ball thingy’s that are WAY over priced. I don’t remember the name of it, so any gardeners’, please feel free to chime in.

here are the names, if you look closely
here are the names, if you look closely…REALLY closely

After asking my daughter where she wanted what plant, where, here is what we came up with
IMAG2567A really cool plant that looks like a flower, some moss, a tree like succulent, the little white cactus (plume), a pine cone she decorated, and an led light-up butterfly.

IMAG2580It has made a great addition to our front yard, and the fairy has kept “ghosty” company too

Most importantly, my daughter absolutely loves it. She just wonders why the fairy only comes to life when she is not looking. I told her, that is just what all creatures from “fairytale land” do.

One day, she will learn the truth, but for now, I love the innocence and imagination.

Pretty magical, uh?

How many people can say they have their own fairy garden? I bet not many of you now, but after reading this, maybe you will find a way to incorporate one in your garden.

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2 thoughts on “Day 21: behind the black door ~ fairies

  1. I love it Ashley!! I had a friend do a craft day at a park and the kids made fairy gardens in pots and then we left them at the park, hidden in the nooks and crannies of the bushes so that other children could discover them and get a taste of that magic 🙂 Amazingly, they are still there- and my boys still talk about it!
    I love your posts Ashley- you entertain me every time 🙂

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